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About Clover Station

Take control of your business in style and ease with the Clover countertop POS system.

  • Process Transactions with all Types of Payment Methods
  • Easily Track Inventory
  • Manage Time Sheets
  • Run Reports and View Past Transactions
  • Print Receipts and other Documents




Clover Station

Clover Mini

Clover Mobile

Clover Flex

Clover Go

About Clover Station

Take control of your business in style and ease with the Clover countertop POS system. With its sleek design and technologically advanced software, you can track inventory; make payments; run reports; manage time sheets and print documents all in one. The easy-to-use setup instructions make the Clover a no brainer when it comes to choosing a payment system for your business.

About Clover Mini

Clover Mini is a small POS that offers a compact design with big productivity. This point of sale solution accepts swipe, contactless, and EMV chip payments, all under the guise of an eye-catching piece of technology. With its sleek design and versatile options,the Clover Mini offers the flexibility to operate your POS as a basic terminal or as one with a whole host of options and add-ons. The Clover Mini is compatible with a number of additional POS components, should they become necessary in the future; plus, it can be used with a variety of apps. Never has a POS been developed that is so easily customizable. Clover Mini provides the hardware and software necessary to integrate your payments, inventory, gift cards, marketing, and accounting processes. Choose the Clover Mini for a truly slick-looking, unobtrusive machine that works on a robust platform to provide comprehensive business solutions.

About Clover Mobile

If you need a payment solution that offers speedy processing on the go, at festivals, food trucks, pop-up events, pay-at-the-table restaurants, or wherever people are waiting to check out fast, choose Clover Mobile. This powerful and lightening-quick POS is made for businesses that are always on the move. It keeps up with the way you work and the way consumers want to purchase, plus it looks outstanding while doing business. The Clover Mobile is an ideal stand-alone POS, or it can be the perfect compliment to the Clover Station or Clover Mini. Your mobile workforce just got more streamlined, and it’s been given an aesthetic boost, with the Clover Mobile. This point of sale solution easily accepts credit and debit cards, chip-enabled cards, and NFC payments, such as Apple Pay. With the Clover Mobile, all payment types are processed quickly and hassle-free, over a super-secure network that offers end-to-end encryption. Pick up yours now and get to work!

About Clover Flex

The mobile Clover Flex device offers you “flexibility” whether you’re checking out customers waiting in-line, table-side at a restaurant, or even at the counter of your store. You have the ability to take orders and make transactions all in the palm of your hands. It’s portable size can let you take orders, process a transaction, print the receipt, get the customer’s signature, and even adjust a tip right on the spot. The built-in camera and QR code scanner will further help you efficiently manage your inventory in an instance. You will be pleased to know the device also comes with a 5-inch touch screen display to view options and capture signatures, a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and wireless 3g and WiFi connectivity. Easily accept all forms of payments including credit cards, debit cards, EMV chip cards, and contactless payments. And Clover tracks the sales you make in real time to supply you with detailed reports you can view on the device, web, and/or mobile device. If you happen to have other Clover hardware already, this device can easily sync with them to allow you to take orders on one device and process them on another.

About Clover Go

Businesses with customers who are constantly on the move turn to the Clover Go for quick and effortless payment processing. Clover Go is an ideal POS for coffee shops that want to keep the line moving, clothing stores offering check out on the sales floor, and other scenarios where consumers want the convenience of getting in and out fast. With the Clover Go, you can process payments anywhere and give clients an easy checkout experience, so they’re inclined to return for doing future business. You simply plug the Clover Go into your tablet or smart phone and voila! It will instantly start accepting credit and debit cards, chip-enabled cards, and tap payments, such as Apple Pay®, Android Pay and Samsung Pay™. The Cover Go is as fast and secure as our other Clover POS solutions, including the full-size Clover Station and the Clover Mini. It just gives you more options, because it is completely portable and extremely convenient. Keep business on the move with the Clover Go!

About Clover E-Commerce

The Clover Station is the fastest and most powerful POS on the market. It offers all the features and options your business needs today and will need tomorrow. This super-quick payment processing solution is the right step up for companies who want speedy transactions, a comprehensive suite of apps for payments, and accounting. Plus,with its beautiful design, you can feel good about keeping the Clover Station on your store’s countertop. It is sleek on the outside, while providing comprehensive power and applications inside, without taking up too much space. In fact, its small footprint is one of its best features. The Clover Station is compact and made to pivot, swivel, and provide total versatility. This POS accommodates any type of business, allowing entrepreneurs and retailers to accept credit and debit cards, chip-enabled cards, and even contactless payments. It also works for you on the back end, tracking inventory, managing time sheets, and printing reports from a connectivity hub. You can’t go wrong with the Clover Station POS.

Clover Gift Cards

The Gift Cards app offers a simple and cost effective gift card program to easily sell digital and plastic gift cards, and issue store credit straight from your Clover device.

Clover Insights

Get a handle on your business analytics using data from every transaction. Discover trends and easy-to-understand insights that can help boost sales, plus see how well other businesses are doing nearby.

Clover Rewards

Create a fun, effective program that rewards your most loyal customers and benefit from great features, like easy sign up for customers, complete promotional materials, integration with Perka and more.


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